It's easy to get us started creating your website. Knowing some of the basics will help.

What types of websites do we design?

We work with sport clubs and individual teams, family and small businesses and larger business applications on a case by case basis.  We can help you with the most basic website structure or create a robust business networking or eCommerce site.

What type of platform do we use?

We work exclusively with Joomla.  The flexibility, contact management system and functionality it offers gives you opportunity to take your web presence to any level you choose.  We help you with the learning process but also offer turnkey support at very reasonable prices if you'd like us to get it done for you.  Take a moment to preview some of our client sites to see the possibilities.

What about support?

Your initial fees include all setup, hosting and development necessary to get your site on the web.  In addition we include 10 hours of support the first year, after going live.  Additional support and development is billed at our preferred customer rates, and only as needed.  Our sites are designed to be self managed but we're only an email away when needed.

What if I want a turn key site with you maintaining it for me?

We offer this service for our sport clubs as they need constant site changes (for an annual fee).  Our personal and business sites are better served utilizing our preferred support pricing.  In the event you want this same type of management we can discuss the cost with you at the time of development.

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